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Photo called a miracle, "Red Dragon comes to Fuji"Dream or Reality. RedDragon clouds that have been raised at the foot of Mt.Through the Sky Dragon and vivid, moment, phoenix appeared in the sky.Image was captured with a mysterious Fuji, giving the strong energy just by looking at us. Not intended to worship, Fuji miraculous things that feel.Changing the power of his own overwhelming force out there, I'll grab luck.
■ widget functionWidget set to frame your favorite images.You can worship the one piece of miracle anytime.※ The selected image will be displayed in the gallery
■ time integration featuresWallpaper image change in a certain period of time.I was able to worship RedDragon, happiness I might visit.
■ Calendar Integration feature"Ichiryumanbai Sun" or "Sun Daan", lucky days only, such as "heaven" best lucky day several times a year, precious photos will appear.